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SCI Infrastructure, LLC (formerly Scoccolo Construction, Inc.) was established in 1951. The firm's name was changed from Scoccolo Construction, Inc. in 2001 to SCI Infrastructure, LLC to facilitate the transfer of the company from the founder, Armondo Scoccolo, to his sons, Mark and Patrick. SCI Infrastructure performs site-work for both private and public projects throughout the northwest. We service projects all over the State of Washington and occasionally venture into Idaho and Oregon.


Scoccolo Brothers Excavating started in 1951 when Armondo Scoccolo and his brother John Scoccolo began providing grading services to the local home builders in the area. In 1959 Armondo decided to pursue public work and created Scoccolo Construction Company, while his brother John elected to keep providing good service to their loyal customers. Scoccolo Construction Company became incorporated in 1961 and operated until 2001 when the company was renamed SCI Infrastructure, LLC. Armondo retired from the day to day operations in 1998. You can still find him roaming the jobsites when he is not salmon fishing or tending to his garden in the summer time.


2825 South 154th Street
SeaTac, WA 98188
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phone: 206-242-0633
fax: 206-242-0792
toll free: 800-255-0633
email: mark@sciinfrastructure.com

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